Australia Sponsor Visa

Australia Sponsor Visa

Australia Sponsor Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad

Australia Sponsor Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad

Are you eager to work in Australia? Do you want to be reunited with your family? In both cases, an Australia sponsor visa can help. You can apply for the visa options available for skilled sponsored workers. Moreover, you can also submit the application for the 491 visa, which allows sponsorship by family. At IMDB Visa Consultancy, the best Australia Sponsor Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we have a team of skilled visa experts. Our efficient visa professionals will assist you in obtaining the visa.  

Different types of visas for the skilled sponsored workers

There are multiple visa types you can apply to under the worker category. Here are the options –

Employer Nomination Scheme: Also known as subclass 186, this visa enables workers to stay permanently in Australia. However, they will need to pass the skills assessment. There are no geographical barriers to the work, and the employment must be for a duration of 2 years after the visa is given.

Temporary skill shortage visa: The subclass 482 visa allows the applicants to stay for 1-4 years in Australia. The eligibility criteria stipulate that the workers must have the necessary skills to perform the job efficiently. Besides, two years of previous work experience in the same or related field is essential. ·

Skilled employer-sponsored regional (provisional) visa: Also known as subclass 494, the visa lets the applicants stay in Australia for five years. You need to pass the skills assessment, and the job offer must be in a particular regional area. The duration of the employment must be at least five years after the visa is given.

Regional sponsored migration scheme: With the subclass 187 visa, the applicants can stay in Australia permanently. The work must be given in a regional area, and the duration of the employment at least for two years after the visa is granted.  

491 family-sponsored visa

The 491 family-sponsored visa enables the applicants to stay in Australia for a period of five years. After that, they can submit an application for permanent residency. However, the various eligibility criteria and the low number of visas granted make it difficult to get this visa.

Who can sponsor for the 491 family-sponsored visa?

In order to sponsor the applicant for the491 family sponsored visa, the sponsor must be –

  • Related to the applicant
  • Live in Australia
  • 18 years or more in age
  • A permanent resident or citizen in Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand


The requirements for a 491 family-sponsored visa include a skill assessment on the occupation listed on the MLTSSL. Moreover, the applicant must also obtain 6 in the IELTS. Character and health requirements set by the government must also be met for the visa grant.  

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Australia Sponsor Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad.